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I’m discovering how stories help us learn, heal, connect, understand, laugh, cry and hope.

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I expect to properly launch this blog and start adding regular content by early January 2018. In the meantime, here are a some stories from my Instagram feed, and a few that have captured my attention on the web.


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The Times: Dolls teach children to focus on personality, not disability

Thank you to Catherine Sanz who wrote a wonderful article on Wildlife Photographer Mia in the Times, on 16 th November 2017. Wildlife Photographer Mia, created by Lottie Dolls based in Donegal, Ireland, is the first ever mass-produced doll who wears a cochlear implant.


Everything you think you know about disciplining kids is wrong

Leigh Robinson was out for a lunchtime walk one brisk day during the spring of 2013 when a call came from the principal at her school. Will, a third-grader with a history of acting up in class, was flipping out on the playground. He’d taken off his belt and was flailing it around and grunting.


The Most Beautiful Sound In The World | BeautifulNow

BeautifulNow and The Sound Agency are on a mission to find THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SOUND IN THE WORLD! All powered by SoundCloud and BeautifulNow. Explore the beautiful sounds around you, record whatever moves you, and enter!


Intersex and proud: model Hanne Gaby Odiele on finally celebrating her body

Like many models, Hanne Gaby Odiele has a lovely limber angularity. Sitting in a Manhattan restaurant booth she seems to open and close like an umbrella, expanding when she’s in full flow, folding up when she’s mulling something over. Folded up and closed off was how she felt for a long time.


Christianity: A Tree Growing Up From the Soil of Scripture – Brian Zahnd

Christianity: A Tree Growing Up From the Soil of Scripture Brian Zahnd This summer I spoke to a group of teens at our youth camp. My assigned topic was, “What’s the Deal with the Bible?” I began my talk by reading this passage from the Bible.


Solar System’s First Interstellar Visitor Dazzles Scientists

Astronomers recently scrambled to observe an intriguing asteroid that zipped through the solar system on a steep trajectory from interstellar space-the first confirmed object from another star.